2. Import Images

If you want photos imported from a camera, memory card or from your own files in the computer, begin by using the Tool bar at the top left: File

Below are instructions for importing images from the camera or memory card.  To get images from folders in your computer, see #4 below.

1. > Get Files and Videos

2. You’ll need to pick from the options to the right.  Move the cursor closer to the triangle icon on the right and a new window of options will appear.

3. > From Camera or Card Reader

  • From Camera or Card Reader – After selecting this, a new window appears
  • In the Source box: Use the drop down menu to select where the pictures are located ie; memory card, camera (attached by cable).
  • In the Import Settings box: To the right of the words “Location”, Check to see if what is listed and decide if this is where you want the photos put.  If not, use the Browse button to navigate into your computer and select a folder to put the pictures in.  You can then select and name an additional folder to put the picture is.  For example: navigate to “My Pictures”, then add a folder named Vacation to put the pictures in (that are currently on a memory card.)
  • Decide and select if you want to rename your files.
  • Decide and select if you want the images deleted from the memory card (leaving them on the card and reformatting in the camera keeps the memory card cleaner)
  • Click “Get Photos” button at the bottom of this new window.
**** If you want to separate pictures into different folders, apply metadata and/or add your name for the Creator and Copyright, then go to the next post entitled “Import Images – Advanced Dialog.” *****
4.  >From Files and Folders
  • From Files and Folders – puts you into your computer so you can navigate to the folders and files that you want to select for importing into Photoshop Elements.
  1. Once you have navigated to the images you want putting one image at a time into PSE is similar to other programs.  You click on the picture.  You click the open button.   If you want more than one image in that same folder, after the first selection be sure to hold the Ctrl key + click.  To select images that are in a row, click on the first image in that row, Shift + click on the last image and all the pictures between will be highlighted (selected). Then click on the open button.
  2. If you want the whole folder: click on the folder (don’t open up the folder), then select the “Get Media” button to the right to import all the pictures in the folder.

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