5. Label Pictures – Using Stars

You can label/rate your pictures with stars to categorize them.  It’s as easy as clicking on the stars.

  • Make sure you have a check mark in the box labeled Details (below the tool bar and to the right).
  • Below this word, and above the pictures/thumbnail images are some stars and next to it a box with the words: and higher (other options in the drop down menu are: and lower, only).
  • The stars are grey.  When you put cursor on these stars they turn yellow.  Click on these stars – this will put the stars under each Thumbnail.
  • Select a picture by clicking once on it.
  • Under the selected image click on the appropriate number of stars.  Suggestion: use one star for the pictures you want to delete.  We will delete the pictures with one star as a group of pictures later in this post.
  • If you cannot see the stars under the thumbnails, increase the size of the thumbnail view by using the slider located near the star selection area above.
  • You can also delete a picture individually by selecting the image, then press the Delete key.  A Confirm Deletion window will appear telling you that this will be deleted “from the catalog.”   Put a check mark in the box in front of ” Also delete from the hard drive” to entirely delete the chosen picture.
  • To delete a group of pictures you have given one star to:
  1. Go back up to the stars located above all the pictures.
  2. Click on the star icon.
  3. The words in the box to the right of the stars designate which photos you now see.  For example, if you clicked on the first star and the box to the right has “and higher” listed, you will get all the pictures you have rated so far.
  4. After clicking on only one star, use the drop down menu (to the right of this star you clicked on to turn it yellow) and select “ONLY”.  This will give you all the pictures given a one star status.
  5. Click on the first picture.  Ctrl+A (all) will select all the pictures. Delete key is used.  Again the dialog box will appear as listed above.
To return to other pictures – Look to the top left at the words in white.  Click on Show All.

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