4. View and Rotate Pictures

Have the pictures you want to adjust pulled into the program.  You can do this with Ctrl+Shift+G or File >Get Photos and Videos >From files and folders.

  • You can adjust the size of the thumbnail using the slider that is on the bar below the tool bar.
  • The icon with a sideways triangle will enable you to view your picture full screen.   Double click will do the same (if you look at the thumbnail slider it will have moved all the way to the right).  Dble click again to go back to thumbnail view.
  • On the Tool bar select View and you can select what you want to see with the thumbnails: details, show file names, show grid lines, show borders around thumbnails and a few other options.  The file names show up if the thumbnail is large enough.  If you can’t see the filename and you put a check by in under View, then increase the size of the thumbnail. ALSO – there has to be a check mark in the box to the left of the word Details (this is located to the right of the thumbnail slider).
  • To rotate pictures: Use the icon to the left of the thumbnail slider or Ctrl+left arrow key; Ctrl+right arrow key

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This blog is designed to enrich the world of digital photography by expanding the creative potential allowed in Photoshop programs. Shoot - that sounds like fun!
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