6. Albums – Organize Photos

Organizing pictures (buzz word: images) into albums makes it easier to find what you want when you want it.  Even though you may select to put the photo in several categories, ie. name of person, vacation, portraits etc. NOTHING is duplicated.  The photo is tagged with a reference in your computer.  Cool, huh?  Before doing this I had pictures in different albums but always had to duplicate which uses up memory space.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes Ihave RAW files, and jpeg files of the same image, so I need as much memory space in the computer as I can get.

Select images – see blog #2 and #3 for more information, if needed

  1. Ctrl+click to select individual pictures. (Or see the notes below listed in the third bullet and #3 under the heading, “Let’s begin as if this is your first album.”) Ctrl+click doesn’t work well for me because invariably I forget to hold the control key down and if you do forget to hold the ctrl key and then you click – you end up with only one picture selected and have to start over, thus the ***drag and drop method is the idea posted later in this blog.
  2. To select pictures in a row: click on the first picture in the row, Shift+click the last picture in the row.  This should highlight the whole row.  I find the system is pretty sensitive and sometimes when you let go of the buttons you end up with only the last one selected.  Keep trying, it will work.
  3. To select all pictures: Click on a picture then Ctrl+A
Additional information – FYI; some of this is addressed in the next post
  • Photoshop has a website where you can “store” your pictures.  photoshop.com.  If you use this, make sure the Backup/Synchronize is checked while you are in the Album Details panel.  When you select the tab: Share, other options are available to prepare an album before uploading to the web.
  • SMART ALBUMS – If you set up a criteria using file names, keywords, or camera type in the New Smart Album dialog box (this is accessed by clicking the plus sign by the Album; we will use New Album in the instructions below), once you identiy a photo with the certain criteria set up – it will automatically include it in the smart album.
  • ANOTHER approach: If you have folders/albums already set up – click on the picture, drag (by never releasing “the click”) and drop (this is when you let go of “the click”) into the folder/album that you want the picture to be associated with.
Let’s begin as if this is your very first album:
  1. To the far right under the Tabs: Organize, Edit, Create, Share is the word Albums (once you have created albums, use the triangle before the word to access all albums created – this is a drop down menu); under the word Albums is a green plus sign – click this and select New Album.
  2. The Album Details window appears.  (At this time I am unfamiliar with the Album Category, so we’ll skip that until later.) Select a name for the album.  Backup/Synchronize may have a check in the box before the words.  If you are not putting this album on the photoshop.com website be sure to click on the check mark – this will deselect this action and remove the check mark.  You can put a check mark back into the box, when needed just by clicking in the box.
  3. The selected photo/s will then appear in the small box under this section.  *** I find it easier to create an album and use the drag and drop method mentioned above in the bulleted area.*** You can also add photos at any time using the drag and drop method.
  4. If some photos ended up in the album and you don’t want them there: click on the photo in the album box (not the big box on the left).  Select the minus sign at the bottom of this area.
  5. Click Done.  New Album will be included in the drop down menu of Albums.
  6. An icon will appear below the the photos you have put in Albums.
  7. If you don’t see the icon under the picture and want to: Details needs to have a check mark in the box to the left of this word.  You’ll find this word just to the left of the tab: Organize
None of these actions change where a photo is on the hard drive of your computer

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