8. Keyword Tags – Get Specific

The last post organized your images into categories and subcategories.  Sometimes you may want to add specific words to pictures (in the metadata) that will help you find similar pictures that you have in separate categories.  For example I have put myself on assignment to take pictures of roads and paths.  I want to leave them in their categories: Colorado Mtns. and Kansas.  I then tag them with the word road or the word path and I can pull up all the pictures with that tag regardless of the album, category, or subcategory of the original file.  Keywords can be added at anytime and changed, so don’t feel like it’s do or die now – it’s just an option.

  • In the Organizer, go to the right and click on the word Keyword.  If there is a drop down triangle to the left of this word, click on it to show all of its contents.
  • Select a category to add keyword tags to.  I have a category named “People” and I want to tag any pictures that are Senior portraits.  I make sure to click/highlight the category “People”.
  • Click the drop down menu at the green  plus sign and select “New Keyword”
  • In the new window, it identifies that you have chosen People for your category (if you have other categories created and want to change this preference, use the drop down menu and select the category you want).
  • Type the keyword into the space labeled Name.  I have chosen to use the name Senior 2012.
  • You might notice the location options and if you are interested in using the map options in PSE, you can place pictures on the map.  I have not had an interest in doing this yet.  If you want this information, make a request in the comment section below and I’ll honor it.
  • Above where you have typed you will see the name you selected under the icon with a question mark.  To change the look of this icon click on the button: Edit icon
  • In this new window – click on the Import button which will take you to your own photos.  Navigate in your pictures and pick a jpeg file that you would like to use.  Click on it and this window will automatically crop it for use.
  • Click OK and you’ll see the cropped image in the tag.  Click OK again to use this as the icon for the selected tagword name given.
To use this new icon/tagword:
  1. Drag and drop to any individual picture.
  2. Select a row of pictures by clicking on the first picture in the row, Shift + click on the last picture in the row.  Then drag and drop this icon on to one of the pictures and it will put it on all the pictures selected.
  3. Ctrl + A will select all the pictures – then drag and drop the icon like in #2.

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