18. Editor Interface – Palettes

We will now venture into the Fix/Edit interface of this program, finally!  So get excited, although it will still take a few more posts for you to gain total control (we will explore some of the automated features first.)

  • Select the orange Fix/ Edit tab on the right side of the screen.  Using the triangle, click on it and in the drop down menu, select >Full Photo Edit.
  • (Alternative) If you click on the word FIX in the tab, under it is lists some of the automated actions: Smart Fix, Color, Levels, Contrast, Sharpen, Red Eye Fix; Below these are some buttons.  Click on the Edit Photos button and it will take you to the Full Photo Edit (as well as the path listed in the bulleted instructions above.)
  • To the right of the work space is called the Panel Bin.  Photoshop Elements places the Effects Palette and the Layers Palette there by default.  We are going to add another palette.
  • Above in the menu: Window >
  • View what is listed.  Anything you see on your screeen has a check mark in front of the words.  Tools, Effects, Layers, Panel Bin, and Project Bin should have a check mark in front of the words.  If not, click on the words and a check mark will be placed there.  ADDITIONALLY – if your screen only shows Effects and Layers in a small box on the upper right, click on the double arrows to expand this into the panel view.  If at any time you want to get this panel out of your way, again double click on the double arrows (triangles).
  • Window > Undo History
  • By clicking on the Undo History you get two things: this puts the palette into the panel on the right, and you now have an easy way to get rid of anything you choose to manipulate in a picture, once we get started “playing” with pictures.  As always in Photoshop, there are more ways to do the same action.  We will explore other ways of “undoing” in later posts.

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