20. Learning to Fly

Look at the picture 1st and note where your eye travels in the picture. Come back to the question...Does the selection of color finally lead your eye to "sit and look" at the flag?

Time to step to the edge of new beginnings, feel the overwhelming sensation of the unknown wash over you…and press forward anyway.  Truly, “playing with pictures” in Photoshop has the potential to change how you see the world, or at least its potential.  You can take a picture knowing that you can change it, later (see image above).  We’ll begin “flapping around” a bit and see what changes the auto buttons do to a picture.

  • In the organizer pick a photo.  Be sure that we are working with a copy of this image.  (post # 16)
  • Orange Fix/Edit tab – click on the word, not the drop down menu.  This will give you some buttons: Auto Smart Fix, Auto Color, Auto Levels, Auto Contrast, Auto Sharpen, Auto Red Eye Fix, Crop
  • You may need to (dbl. click on the image or) move the slider above all the thumbnails to the right in order to get a view of the image you are working on in a size that lets you see the changes made by the automatic buttons.
  • Edit Photos button will take you into the Editor’s Interface for the full edit.
  • An alternative path – Tab Fix/Edit, once inside the Editor Interface you can access the automated button described above by going to the menu choice “Enhance.”
Here is your kick to help you see that you can fly…
Click on a button, watch it do its magic.  Then go to the menu above and pick Edit > Undo ___ (always listed first and specific for the last selection) for this action and it will go back a step.  Then try the next button.  There is no right or wrong in art, as in music.  If you like it, it is right for you.  Then repeat this process, or stop and save the file, if you find one you like.  The default for saving JPEG is 10.  I change this number to an 8, as that is the requested size for my website with SmugMug Professional.

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This blog is designed to enrich the world of digital photography by expanding the creative potential allowed in Photoshop programs. Shoot - that sounds like fun!
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