25. Adjust Midtones with More Options

The camera captures images differently than what we see with our eyes.  Using the Color Curves to adjust the midtones gives you more control and can allow you to make an image present the range in tones you see with your own eyes.

  • Select an image. Be in Full Edit mode
  • On the menu bar: Enhance > Adjust Color > Adjust Color Curves
  • In this dialog window there are sliders for highlights, 2 for midtones, and one for shadows.
  • Additionally there are some preset choices on the left you can try.  Pick Default to go back the original image (before any adjustments were made).
When you make adjustments the graph with the lines and dots will change.  The sliders and default choices move these points.  There are other places in PSE where you can click and drag the lines and points to make adjustments, we’ll visit this later.

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