28. Color My Images of the World

Again, adjustments may be needed for some colors in an image as the camera does not record colors equally.  It’s kind of like a class in coloring for adults: hue/saturation, although I really feel more like I’m coloring when I play with color photographs and render the image to back and white with some of the photo given back to color.  I always wanted to color on black/white photographs during the film days, and never had the chance, but now is good.  However, it will be a few most posts before we do that in this blog.

  • Select an image. Be in Full Edit mode.
  • On the menu bar: Enhance > Adjust Color > Adjust Hue/Saturation
  • Under the light bulb/help menu there is a drop down menu.  The menu will list Master, Reds, Yellows, Greens, Cyans, Blues, Magentas.  Pick a color to adjust.
  • Use the slider under Saturation to adjust: right gives more, left gives less.  Try to stay within 10 points to make it look “real.”
  • Use the bottom slider to adjust for lighting.  Be careful with this adjustment as it tends to dull the colors.
  • Repeat this process with any or all the colors.
  • Bump up all the colors in the image equally using Master in the drop down menu and the slider under Saturation.
  • For defined colors specific to the image – have the drop down menu on a selected color and put your cursor on the image.  An eye dropper icon will appear.  Click on a color in your image that you want to adjust and the hue will change to that specific color.  Use the above process to refine the colors with the slider under Saturation.  Honestly, I don’t see how this refines in the image.  In the help menu within this dialog box there is some information about falloff and making specific color hues, but I have not been successful with this.  Please send me an email if you can guide me on this detail as I would appreciate knowing more.
  • Click OK to finish.  Again, note that you may want to have the History Palette in place, adjust one color, click OK and repeat the process for each color so you can redefine the image using the History Palette instead of having to start over assuming you want it to look differently than previously decided.

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