30. Size Images for Prints

This is an additional way to size your images.  Blog #21 Crop explains how to choose what you want in your image and ways to size this selection.  The information that follows can be used to take any picture and make it the size/ and or resolution needed.

!!! Make sure that you are NOT working on an original image.  You will not get the usual windows that allow a choices for file formats. To make a duplicate image: pull up the original image and save with a new name or right click on the image in the organizer and select Duplicate with a left click…!!!!!

  • Have an image open in the editor’s workspace (Edit tab- full)
  • On the menu bar: Image > Resize > Image Size
  • The Image Size dialog box opens and by default the width, height and resolution are linked (as indicated by the lines pointing to each along side an icon that represents a link in a chain).  The constrain proportions box has a check in front of it.  It is grey and inaccessible unless you put a check in front of Resample Image.
When you type a number in the resolution box (while the three are linked) notice the width and height that is automatically put in the width and height boxes.  This is the maximum size for printing without resampling.
  • Resampling Image – Use this when you want to go beyond the numbers available while the three are linked.  The width and height will still be linked, but you can adjust the ppi/resolution.  * If you want to make a nonstandard crop, use the boxes above the image when the crop tool is selected – see blog entry #21 Crop)
  • When there is a check mark in front of  /Resampling Image – you have additional options in the drop down menu under these words.  Use these to help get better images when printing with glossy finishes or when going for a particular “look” in a print.
PPI – pixels per inch is a standard way of measuring the density of pixels, which is called resolution. The complete resolution is a combination of width, height and ppi.

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