37. Help!

Photoshop is at best exciting and at its worst, daunting.  There is always Help.  Help is on the menu bar to the far right.  The Help menu that you get when you are in the Organizer has different options than the Help options when you have the Editor Workspace open.  While in the Editor Workspace, go the Menu Bar: Help > Video Tutorials.  There is some really helpful information here for those of you who do well with self study.  Disclaimer – as always: just because someone knows the information doesn’t mean they know how to get you to know what they know.  Know what I mean?  It’s really good stuff, don’t get me wrong.  I’m just saying that sometimes there are missing steps, or assumptions of prior knowledge.  For example, the last post, Blog #36 I describe out how to make a college.  I learned it from the video tutorial in this section of help.  What was missing: how to put a Project Bin in the workspace, and how to get the pictures to show up there.  Without this information I was unable to make a college. So it took some time to learn what I didn’t know that I didn’t know.  You know?

When you have an idea of what you want to know and can Google the term or research on the web, it helps.  Be patient in your learning and revisit the Photoshop Elements program frequently to solidify your learning so you can add on and generalize what you are learning to apply them to other areas.  I save frequently when I am experimenting.  That way if you are clicking around the program trying to make something work by experimentation, if you don’t like it, click out of it and don’t save the changes so that your image will still look like it did when you saved after some changes that you liked.  Anyway, that is my strategy when I am learning by doing.

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This blog is designed to enrich the world of digital photography by expanding the creative potential allowed in Photoshop programs. Shoot - that sounds like fun!
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