38. Making a Watermark

If you want to put text on your photos repeatedly; below is a time saving way to do it.  A watermark is text created on a transparent so it can be “moved” to a picture, but the text still stays in the original file.

Use either approach below:

Menu bar in the organizer: File >New > Photoshop Elements Image File (This will open up the editor workspace for you).

or Menu bar in the Editor Workspace: File >New >Blank file

  • New Window:
  1. Name the file
  2. Present – custom
  3. Size – none
  4. Pick your width and height – remember the width can be anything was you can adjust the box to fit any picture, but to keep editing at a minimun have the width about 8 inches and the height 2 inches
  5. Resolution 300
  6. Color Mode RGB
  7. Transparent in the drop down menu
  8. Click OK
PSE will give you an image with checkered squares.  Select the text tool – type your text or logo.
Select the move tool to give you an adjustment box around the text.  Use this box to size the text.
Remember to double click and set the image or you won’t be able to click anywhere else.
To drag it on to another image:

Have this completed and saved watermark project – saved as a PSD file open in the Editor’s Workspace.

File >Open to bring up the picture you want to put this text on.  * You can also have a multitude of picture files open to save time putting this logo on many pictures.

Above the image find the square icon that has boxes of rectangles and squares with a drop down menu to the right of it.  Use the drop down menu to select the boxes side by side.

What you want is to have the watermark file and a picture file side by side.  With the watermark file selected, click on the move tool.  Click on the text and drag it over to the picture, then let go of the click.   This should place the text on the other image.  I say should because sometimes, as with all electronics, everything does not work as usual.  Other approaches: on the watermark file, create a duplicate layer (Ctrl +J), and drag that layer.  You can also  – copy the text and paste it to the picture.

The move tool places a box with anchor points around the text.  Use this box to move and adjust the watermark.

**Special Note: save the picture file with the text on it as a PSD file.  Then when you are ready to print: Turn off the layer with the text by clicking on the “eye”.  Menu: Edit > Flatten Image and save as a JPEG to be ready for prints.

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