46. Many Tasks

wrd 2 I beeThis post is about I, me and my; and all my many tasks at hand.  My biggest project is using Photoshop to create a digital story for credit to keep my teaching certificate in force.  I am using the bee above to create an animated story.  I am enjoying this task but I am ready to get it done and move on.  I will get this done this week.

wrd 12  YouYou will begin getting posts about Photoshop Elements 11 in the last few days of March or early April 2013 and I’ll get back to posting on a regular basis.  Thank you for sticking with me during my juggling act over the last few months.  I’m excited about the new format and all the goodies now included in this version.  It will be your “go to”  program.  If you are a photographer, you wont’ need the Creative Suite for Photoshop. I have both programs and this is just my opinion.   A few plug ins, for your own creative juices will suffice, I think.  Until then, shoot…

About momentsphotographybysandy

This blog is designed to enrich the world of digital photography by expanding the creative potential allowed in Photoshop programs. Shoot - that sounds like fun!
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