47. PSE 11: Automatic Download

For a faster download, you can skip the dialog box and preset preferences to download images as soon as you insert the memory card or attach camera, with no additional input from you.

  1. Open PSE 11 – Organizer
  2. From the Menu, >Edit >Preferences >Camera or Card Reader
  3. This pop up menu gives you preferences, one option is to turn on the automatic downloading.  This option is not available in any earlier versions of PSE.
  4. In the Files rectangle, click the browse button and select a default place to download the pictures.  Pictures is the factory setting.
  5. Within this rectangle you also have the option to put a check mark in front of 3 other options, if you want them to be automatic: fix red eyes, suggest photo stacks, make your custom name also be a keyword tag
  6. In the Download Options rectangle you select your options for download, subfolders and   image deletion.
  7. Under the Profile Name a device is listed and to the right is the download option.  In this space you can have your camera, and your phone’s camera listed.  Using the Edit button to the right select the options of downloading including the drop down menu below this space.
  8. Drop down menu: Begin Download, choose Immediately (No Dialog Displayed)
  9. Drop down menu: Subfolder(s), None or any of the ones listed
  10. Drop down menu: Delete Options. After Copying, Do Not Delete Originals – is the one I use.  I follow the belief that the camera clears the memory card with the format card option much cleaner than having PSE do it when the images are downloaded.
  11. Select the OK button to save these setting.
  12. Notice the button on the left: Restore Default Settings.  You can at anytime come back to this menu of Preferences and change the settings back to the original settings with this button.  Additionally you can change any of the settings and select OK as needed.

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