50. Photoshop Elements 12 – overview/opinion

Here we go again. I embrace some changes well, but I have resisted having to restart the instructions needed for updating this blog until today.  PSE 11 certainly was a wonderful upgrade from all the previous editions of this software.  And PSE 12 continues with this format. Visually. it is more appealing. Navigation from the organizer to the editor is one simple button at the bottom of the screen. In the layers palette there are convenient buttons for adjustments, masks, locking pixels, and a trash can. The drop down menu gives options for layers and panels. Even the Quick and Guided tabs have wonderful self learning improvements. It is the Organizer that kept me from embracing this program on a daily basis.  I still prefer the Bridge in Photoshop and would love to see that format used in Elements but the artificial intelligence did finally make a concession that makes me very happy – delete.  Previous programs would give you the process for deleting images, but even though the file was removed, the imaged remained in the Organizer.  And this is still true however, you can now select these images, press delete and they are removed.  I move my files to an external drive to keep the computer clean and quick, so seeing images that were removed and yet still visible (if you clicked on them the computer would search endlessly) was a large bother.  Whew – what a relief! Now let’s play post production, which in my opinion will set you apart from those who do not.

For ease of navigation, I will begin again with #50 –  and post from the beginning, checking for changes in earlier posts (earlier versions of PSE) then duplicating and posting again for the version PSE 12.

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