52. PSE 12 – Import Images, Advanced Dialog (metadata-professionals)

The previous post lists the steps for getting the Photo Downloader dialog box.  In review: Use the new button on the upper left: Import

After you have selected what you want in the Import Settings box you will get a pop up window.  At the bottom of this window is a button : Advanced Dialog.  If the button below is : Standard Dialog – then you are already in the right place.

In this additional window there more choices to organizing and label your pictures.  There is also a section that allows you to add metadata to your pictures giving you copyright data (see Apply Metadata below) on every picture imported using this upload method.

  1. Once you have selected where to get the photos from (in the drop down menu near the top), the pictures will appear.
  2. If you want to put pictures in different folders – select the button “Uncheck All” at the bottom left.
  3. At this point you will check the pictures you want, then on the right fill in the boxes to tell the computer where to put the pictures.
  • If you have a number of pictures in a row:  Click on the first picture in the row, hold the Shift key and click on the last picture.  This will highlight all the pictures between the first picture selected and the last picture chosen.
  • To select individual pictures for a given folder, click in the small box which will put a check mark indicating it was chosen.  Then on the right select where to put the pictures and in which folder.

Save Options – box on the right

  • Location: C:\ (this indicates where in your hard drive the pictures will be uploaded.) If you want them in a different place than what is listed, use the button on the right: Browse…  Once you click this button you will be taken to the Explorer section of your computer so you can navigate to the proper place for uploading these pictures.

Create Subfolder(s):

  • There is a drop down menu.  Select a date format or…
  • Select: Custom Name; This then gives you access to a window with these words highlighted in blue: Enter custom name here.  This is where you will type the new name to the folder you want the pictures to be uploaded.

Rename Files – you may select to use these.  You can add an extension to the file name of the camera and/or add additional numbers.

Advanced Options – you may select to use these, I will not be explaining them at this time.

Apply Metadata –  In this section you can list the creator of these images (your name) and you can list a copyright.  If you select the first box for basic metadata your files will give you information about the settings you used to capture the image, for example: shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc.

Use the button “Get Photos” when you have completed making your selections.  If you are putting pictures in different folders, you will need to repeat the process above until all pictures are placed where you want them.

SPECIAL NOTE about Automatic Download:  If you check this box, the computer will pull all your pictures into the computer using the default settings in Preferences.  (I don’t use this option.) You can change these in Edit >Preferences

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