53. PSE 12 – In the Organizer: View, Navigate

This post will focus on the tasks you can do without going to the menu of options above the Import button.

If you only see your pictures (called the “All Media” section) and the buttons/icons at the bottom: click the button: Show Panel on the lower far left.  This will give you a panel with 1. Local Albums 2. Mobile Albums 3. My Folders.  You can set up Local Albums and Mobile Albums at another time.  Next to My Folders on the right is a small folder icon.  Use it to display or hide the folders you have imported into PSE.  If you have folders in your computer than don’t show here – click the Import button, click From Files and Folders; this will put you where you navigate into your computer.  Click the folder you want, inside the additional pop up menu click on one image, then use Ctrl A key strokes together (this will highlight all the images in the folder) click open and they will import with the folder.

View the images in the All Media section by choosing a view you like to the right of the words Sort By: choose from – Newest, Oldest, Name, Import Batch

Instant Fix – this is a button on the lower right.  Click it and it will give you a panel entitled, “Photo Fix Options”.  Included: crop, contrast, red eye, color, sharpen, levels and the all in one/ do everything needed button called smart fix. Select any one button or combination of buttons, or the all inclusive smart fix button.  The computer will save the image as a new file with the extension_edited-1.  PSE 12 also automatically includes a way to stack images with the same file number on top of each other.  To the right of these stacked images is a triangle/line.  Click on this to open or stack the images.

Below the All Media section of pictures is the word Zoom.  You can use the slider above this word to control how many pictures you are viewing at a time.  Double click on any image to get a full view (notice that this slider moves all the way to the right.  You can pull to the left at any time).  In the full view, you can go to the next image by using the arrow keys on your keyboard, or at the top of the page.

Slide Show – click this button to have the computer show images in full view, advancing automatically and it plays some music (fancy!).  Use the Esc on the keyboard to exit.

Rotate – Click on an image, use the option (triangle) to the right of the icon at the bottom of the screen to select which direction you want to rotate the image.

Undo – This button will undo the previous action.

Add People, Places, Event – The following blog post will give instructions for these buttons.

Editor – this takes you into the photo editor section of this program.

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