54. PSE 12 – Create Albums

Besides the folders you usually use to organize images, PSE 12 has a section to make additional albums.  This is in the panel to the left of All Media (if panel isn’t showing, look to the lower left – button: Show Panel, click it ).

Local Albums – click the green plus sign to the right.  Options: New Album, New Album Category is in the first section.

  • If you already know which images you want to put in an album you can select them BEFORE clicking on the New Album option above.  If you already have the photos selected, when you click New Album you’ll have an option to name this album – then click OK, and all the selected images will be imported into the album.
  • To select one by one: click a photo, then hold the Ctrl + click to select another photo (repeat this process for all photos).
  • If the photos are in a row: click the first photo, hold the Shift key + click on the last photo in the row (this will highlight all the photos from the first photo to the last in that row)
  • Photos can be added to these albums at any time.  Click the photo and drag it to the album.  The photo is not moved.  It gets a digital tag.  You can access the photo in the original folder and in the album.
  • Delete any photo from an album by using the right click option, select Remove from Album.  Delete is a special word – in this right click option, you want to REMOVE, not delete.  If you delete, you will take it from its original location and delete it from the hard drive, if you put a check mark in the pop up menu box.  Choose Remove from Album gets rid of the tag put on the picture, it is taken from this special album but remains in the original folder.

Click on the words: Local Albums – this will show the albums created, click again and it will hide them from view.

Mobile Albums – I click on this and it had my email already entered, you supply the password for your Adobe account and follow the instructions.  I really don’t want these on my phone, so you are on your own for this.  I presume it’s self explanatory… one can hope.

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