66. PSE 12 – Straighten

There is more than one way to fix a crooked horizon. Select an image in the Organizer, click the Editor button at the bottom, and make sure you are in the Expert Tab workspace.

  • Let’s begin with what we know – the crop tool.  Click and drag the crop tool, this time you will not begin in the corner of the picture.  Drag the crop tool and use the line created for the box as a guide for “square-ing the picture”.  Make a square box near the horizon line (or building, or whatever you want to straighten). Let go of the click.  Bring the cursor to one of the corners; I like the lower right.  Move the cursor slowly as you’ll be looking for the double arrow with a curved line between.  Remember we use the straight one to pull the box out to make it larger or smaller.  This curved one will allow you to twist the box at an angle.  With the curved arrow seen (move the cursor until you see it – it is elusive, so be persistent and use small increments of movement) begin going right or left to make the box twist until you have the line of the box parallel to the line in the photograph.  Then increase the size of the crop box to the desired look before making a double click inside this box (or select the green checkmark) to complete this action.
  • STRAIGHTEN Tool – there is a tool that you can click to do the job (so if there is a tool for it – having to straighten pictures must be a common problem).
  1. Click the straighten tool located under the crop tool.  The icon looks like a level used when building with wood.
  2. Click on the left side of the line on the horizon AND drag to the other end of this line before you release.
  3. Upon release the computer will straighten this line.  The rest of the picture now looks awkward/crooked.
  4. Click the crop tool and crop the picture making sure that the lines of the crop box run parallel to the horizon line that was fixed.

*There are other options in the pop up menu.  If you check in front of Autofill edges, the computer will use information from the picture to extend the picture.

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