63. PSE 12 – Keyboard “Must Know” for Workflow

Although icons can make some tasks as simple as pressing a button, sometimes the keyboard is still faster or easier.  While in the Expert Tab section of the Editor you have many button/ icons and I use almost all.  Below … Continue reading

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62. PSE 12 – File Formats

A brief overview of file formats generally used with images. JPEG is used in the majority of the camera that are not SLR cameras.  The SLR cameras have the option to use this file format and the RAW file format. … Continue reading

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61. PSE 12 – Leave the Original Image Intact

To insure that your pictures are protected , you create a copy of the image BEFORE you work on it.  It’s not as scary as that seems.  If you begin working on an image you will not alter its contents … Continue reading

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60. PSE 12 – Events View

Another way to organize photos is to put them in groups by the event.  (Post to be continued later this week…)

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59. PSE 12 – Places View

Images can be pinpointed on a map using GPS or the internet.  (This post will be completed soon…)

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58. PSE 12 – People View

Images with people can be tagged and stacked for easy viewing and retrieval.  First we will get the Organizer activated, then we will begin tagging images.  Once you do this routinely, finding images of the same person across many albums … Continue reading

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57. PSE 12 – Instant Fix in Organizer

While still in the Organizer you can do some quick editing using the “Instant Fix” button at the bottom of the screen.  Once you click it a side panel on the right appears.  You have some automatic choices: contrast, red eye, color, sharpen, levels, and smart fix.  You can also crop.

  1. Select an image by double clicking on it.  This will make it large, but you will still be in the Organizer.
  2. On the right are the adjustment options.  If your image is a JPEG file, after you select an adjustment the computer will automatically make the adjustment on a new file.  A pop up window shows the adjustment as it is making its changes.  You will then see a square icon in the upper right hand corner to indicate this is a duplicate.  This image will then be stacked with the original in the Organizer.
  3. If you don’t like the adjustment, select the Undo button on the lower left.
  4. Your file is automatically saved and stacked with the original.
  5. If you are using a RAW file, a different dialog box will open.  You will need to choose a file format: JPEG, PNG, TIFF or PSD.  Check the box if you want this to be an “always” preference.  Click OK.
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56. PSE 12 – To Stack or Not To Stack Your Images

Digital photography is free! At least it doesn’t cost more to take pictures, lots of pictures. Now to organize this collection of images taken from every angle.  You can organize your pictures that are similar into a stack (and release the stack when you want to see them all).

  1. You need to select the images to put in a stack.  If the images are in a row: click the first image, go to the last image in the row and press the shift key and while holding it, also click on the last image.  This will highlight all the images in that row.  If the images are scattered: click the first image, go the the next image you want, hold the Ctrl key and then click on the next image you want.  Repeat this as many times as needed.
  2. Go to the menu at the top – Edit.  Select: Stack.  On the fly out menu select: Stack Selected Photos.
  3. Now the photos are stacked under one image.  You’ll see a triangle like what is used for a drop down menu to the right of this image.  Click on the triangle and all the images will appear again.  This small triangle/arrow now appears after the last image.  Click it to make the pictures go back into a stack.
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55. PSE 12 – Organizer: Using the Interface

You have imported images (Blog #52).  Now it’s time to view images in the Organizer.

  1. I like to have the folder tree on the left and images in the grey square on the right.  If you do not see this, click on the button on the lower left: Show Panel.
  2. How many images you see is controlled with the Zoom slider, lower right.
  3. Under the Title: My Folders you should have your folders listed in Alphabetical order.
  4. If you want to view these folders as they are displayed on the hard drive, click the small folder icon to the right of the title: My folders
  5. Click any folder located on the left and the images in that folder will be displayed on the right.
  6. Above this grey space you can use the drop down menu to the right of “Sort by” to select how you want to view the images – Newest, Oldest, Name, Import Batch
  7. Use the Zoom slider to change the size of the images.  Double click on an image will make it as large as possible.  Double click again to go back to the Grid view (or more the Zoom slider to the left).
  8. Use the Slide Show button at the bottom of the page to view all images automatically.  Once you click this button and the first image loads, you can set preferences with the icons that come up.  This feature also has music that will play as you view the images.
  9. Instant Fix button – click this button to get quick controls for: crop, contrast, red eye, color, sharpen, levels and smart fix.  Click the button again to remove this panel.
  10. Notice the undo button for quick changes and the rotate button.
  11. See later blog posts for the remainder buttons: Add people, Add places, Add event and on the far right – Tags/Info button
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54. PSE 12 – Create Albums

Besides the folders you usually use to organize images, PSE 12 has a section to make additional albums.  This is in the panel to the left of All Media (if panel isn’t showing, look to the lower left – button: Show … Continue reading

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